VIDEO: Tweeters flock to media meet

More than 25 businessmen from Lincolnshire took part in the first ‘media meet’ arranged by a local entrepreneur.

Martin Thomas, owner of Mandarin Leisure, organised the first ever Mandarin Media Meet held at Woodhall Spa’s Petwood Hotel.

A new networking group was launched at the Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa on Friday

A new networking group was launched at the Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa on Friday

After supporting and connecting businesses using the social network Twitter, Martin decided to set up a networking evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

A number of businesses in the county use Twitter and Facebook to connect with their customers and each other.

Martin started the evening with a short talk on the power of Twitter, which was beneficial to some who were very new to the workings of social media.

“This meeting has proven my theory that people actually like to relax and network in a bar rather than sit around tables and have a formal setting,” Martin said.

“I have been planning this for around two years and have been quietly supporting and connecting businesses anonymously using Twitter.

“I am very pleased with the evening and will be organising it on a regular monthly basis.

“My plans will evolve according to the wishes of members, but the overriding aim is to provide support for each other.

“I decided to start it at 5.30pm so that local business people could pop in on their way home from work.

“Although some people couldn’t make it on the night I had a bumper turnout with 28 people.”

Martin handed out some questionnaires to receive feedback from those in attendance and suggestions of monthly meetings and a club membership were made.

“Some travelled from Lincoln and Scunthorpe,” Martin continued.

“We each had a minute or two with the microphone to introduce ourselves and following that I encouraged everyone to talk to someone new.

“It is too easy to stay with the person you arrived with so I was keen to make sure that everyone had the chance to talk to different business owners.”