Upholstery not death for ISIS of Dale Farm

Tom van Der Ploge of ISIS Upholstery at Home Farm
Tom van Der Ploge of ISIS Upholstery at Home Farm
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It might share a name with the world’s most feared terrorist group, but Isis Upholstery of Mareham Hill won’t be changing its title.

After the Islamists butchered their way through Iraq and Syria, hundreds of British businesses who share their name with the terrorists are beginning to wonder if they should rebrand.

Finance company Isis Equity Partners changed its name last week because it is “no longer prepared to share it with a terrorist organisation.” Isis Wallett, a mobile wallet app, has also decided to rebrand to Softcard.

However, Tom Van Der Plage, owner of Isis Upholstery, says he will remain faithful to the ancient Egyptian Goddess renowned for her beauty and skill as a spiritual leader.

“I have been Isis for 20 years. Because someone has come along and starts using it, I’m not changing. I don’t even know what Isis (the terror group) stands for. My customers know me for what I am. They haven’t even mentioned the name.”

But last week, Tom did receive a call from the Daily Telegraph on the issue.

“It’s a lot of fuss about nothing. The organisation (Isis) isn’t fun, but to expect people change their names is daft!”

Indeed, as we enjoy the latest series of Downton Abbey, look out for the Earl of Grantham’s beloved yellow Labrador Isis, named by creator Lord Fellowes as a nod to the links to Ancient Eqypt of the series setting, Highclere House. Isis is also a common name among the dreaming spires of Oxford, with the rowing club also taking the name.

And as Tom also noted, Isis is also a name for part of the River Thames, and it too will never change.