Turtle dove mission at Tattershall quarry


A three year project to help save turtle doves has begun at Tattershall quarry, which has the sustainable habitat needed to help reverse the decline in numbers.

Project partners CEMEX UK and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds will sow a special flower seed mix at the site owned by CEMEX to provide the bird’s ideal food in an ideal nesting habitat to encourage breeding.

The turtle dove UK population is currently halving in number every six years with 95% lost since the 1970s. This UK decline has been paralleled by a 77% decline across Europe since 1980.

Rob Doody, CEMEX’s Director for Aggregate Operations, said: “This project is so important in saving this iconic bird. It highlights the positive impact that we can make on the natural world. The balance between the natural and built environment is a delicate one which must be preserved not only for nature but future generations.”

Turtle doves are the UK’s only migratory dove. They breed in England and will be undertaking on their 3,000 mile journey to spend the winter in sub-Saharan West Africa over the next few weeks.