Tesco would have ruined Tattershall say businesses

Councillors Colin Mair and Julia Pears EMN-150119-143136001
Councillors Colin Mair and Julia Pears EMN-150119-143136001

Business owners in Tattershall admit they are breathing a huge sigh of relief after Tesco shelved plans to build a supermarket in the village.

The retail giants pulled out of their planned Tattershall development after poor sales figures.

More than 45 new stores won’t go ahead - three of them in Lincolnshire.

Some residents have indicated they would have shopped at the new Tattershall store.

However, the vast majority the News spoke to were against the development.

Karen Barrack, manager of the family owned village Post Office and Store, admitted their business could plan for a more secure future.

She said: “We think Tesco not coming will benefit the community.

“It means family businesses like ours can start to look forward.

“We are delighted. It wasn’t just the competition. All the car parking in front of the existing shops would have been lost because of the development.”

A worker at another local business said she was “pleased” Tesco would not be opening.

She added: “People kept talking about new jobs, but how many of them would have gone to local people?

“It’s already difficult for local businesses. If Tesco had come, you worry how many of them would have gone under.

“I know you have to allow for progress but surely, there’s better places than Tattershall for a new supermarket.”

Local County Council Colin Mair called on people to support the local shops.

He said: “There’s no doubt what is happening nationally regarding job losses in supermarkets is a disgrace. Ordinary people are paying the price for poor management decisions.

“The vast majority of residents I’ve spoken to didn’t want Tesco here and I’d go along with that.

“It might have meant a few new jobs, but how many others would have been lost?”

Coun Mair said he believed the Tesco owned land - just off the Market Place - would now be utilised for housing.

He again called on East Lindsey District Council to ensure Section 106 money already paid by Tesco would be put to community use, including improving access to the site.