Tesco slammed over icy car park

Tesco in Horncastle EMN-150102-154130001
Tesco in Horncastle EMN-150102-154130001

A Horncastle man has criticised Tesco about the dangerous state of the town’s Bain car park and warned it is an accident waiting to happen.

Andrew Neal, of West Street, said that although the car park belongs to East Lindsey District Council, Tesco is responsible for the maintenance in a lease agreement.

He says the retail giant is “repeatedly failing” to ensure the car park is clear of snow and ice.

Mr Neal has written to the store manager - and town and district councillor Sandra Campbell-Wardman - outlining his concerns.

Mr Neal said: “Today, once again the Tesco/Bain car park was covered with black ice.

“There had been no attempt to clear the ice and absolutely no salt/chemical had been laid.

“I understand that at least one member of the public slipped over and hit her head on the ground.

“I have advised the lady concerned to contact the Tesco Duty Manager and have the accident recorded in the accident book.

“It is a concern that many of the public are not aware of who is responsible and who to report accidents to.

“Tesco repeatedly fail to keep the car park clear of ice. The Store Manager has been notified a number of times of Tesco’s responsibility but fails to take action.”

Coun Campbell-Wardman said she agreed with Mr Neal’s concerns and also highlighted a problem with a ticket machine in the car park.

She said it was frequently out of order, meaning disabled blue badge holders were having to walk across the car park to another machine to avoid paying a fine.

She said: “What is the point of disabled parking with a machine that is constantly out of order meaning people have to walk the length of the car park to pay at the other machine?”

Coun Campbell-Wardman, who is the town’s mayor, has written to ELDC about the machine.

She has also asked ELDC to ensure Tesco maintain the car park in bad weather.

She also asks who would be responsible in the event of an accident - ELDC or Tesco?

In reply, Duncan Hollingworth, ELDC team leader (enforcement), admits the machine has been out of action a number of times over recent weeks.

However, he said the problem were caused when thieves broke into the machine last year.

He said a number of “component parts” had been replaced and that the most recent malfunction was caused by a coin blockage.

A spokesman for Tesco was not available to comment as The News went to press.