Tesco praised for positive response to car park fear

Tesco in Horncastle
Tesco in Horncastle

Staff at Tesco in Horncastle have been praised for their positive response to complaints about the state of a car park in icy weather.

Horncastle resident Andrew Neal contacted the News and local district councillor Sandra Campbell-Wardman to complain about the Tesco/Bain car park in bad weather.

He said: “I am pleased to say that since that date, the message seems to have had an effect. Tesco appear to be making a concerted effort to keep at least part of the car park cleared.

“I would like to thank the store manager for taking appropriate action.

“I would ask that he continues to ensure that his duty managers understand the Store’s responsibility.”

In his initial letter, Mr Neal said a woman had fallen in icy conditions and he was concerned a more serious incident could take place.

He said that although the car park is owned by East Lindsey District Council, Tesco are responsible for maintaining it via a long-term lease agreement,

Mr Neal has also renewed his appeal to ELDC to ensure ticket machines in the car park are working correctly.

It follows claims that disabled badge holders are having to walk across the car park to find a ‘working machine’. He says a ‘rogue machine’ - near disabled parking bays - was out of order again last Tuesday.

Mr Neal is particularly unhappy that ELDC had suggested that if the machine is broken, disabled badge holders should pay to park via a mobile phone.

He called on ELDC to waive parking charges, when a machine is out of order.

Mr Neal said he appreciated an offer by Tesco to refund mobile car park payments - provided customers show the relevant text message.