Staff never ‘tyre’ of working for local company

A family thing: Samantha Lindley and uncle John Ross
A family thing: Samantha Lindley and uncle John Ross

It’s not unusual for businesses to have members of staff who reach long service milestones.

However, they seem to be making a habit of it at B A Bush and Sons.

Established in 1947, the family run business is renowned as Lincolnshire’s leading independent tyre specialist.

And, judging by recent events, it also appears to be one of the happiest companies in the county to work for,

Susan Bush, wife of the current owner Nigel Bush, has celebrated 25 years at the business.

A few weeks later, Samantha Lindley - who works in the accounts department - also celebrated 25 years’ service.

Samantha’s uncle, John Ross, who works in the Horncastle branch, started with the company back in November 1969.

Although impressive, their records are beaten hands down by Ken Nicholson who has celebrated an astounding 50 years’ service.

The company - which has depots all over the county, including Horncastle, Louth and Boston, held a special celebratory dinner to recognise Ken’s amazing achievement

Alongside, Ken there were five other employees in attendance at the dinner with over 25 years’ service.

That meant around the table there was a total amount of 253 years’ of experience!

All the long-serving employees say they have seen lots of changes during the last few years but admit it is a great company to work for.

Ben Bush, Director at B A Bush and Sons, said: “Our staff are our most important asset here at B A Bush.

“Without them and their commitment, we wouldn’t be the business we are today.

“We are delighted that we’ve been able to celebrate our employees’ dedication to the company and thank them all for the part they play in making the company so successful.”

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