Speed limit could increase for tractors


The consultation to raise the maximum speed for tractors and increase the maximum weight of trailers closes today (Thursday) with the Country Landowners Association (CLA) backing the proposed changes.

The Department for Transport is proposing that the maximum speed limit for tractors should rise from 20mph to 25mph.

At the same time, the maximum combined weight of a tractor and trailer would be increased from around 24 tonnes to 31 tonnes.

The CLA said it provided a clear statement about the Department for Transport’s commitment to implement suggestions made under the Farming Regulation Taskforce (MacDonald) Report.

CLA Eastern Regional Director Nicola Currie said: “It is hugely encouraging to see proposals for red tape to be cut and burdens to agricultural businesses being removed.

“The scale and sophistication of agricultural machinery has increased significantly over the past decade, but the law has changed little since the 1980s.

“The proposed changes will more appropriately reflect the capabilities of modern agricultural machinery, allowing the region’s farmers to carry on with their businesses more efficiently.

“It would also bring the UK in line with competitors in other EU member states.

“It achieves the right balance between road safety and improving the competitiveness of our farmers.”