Spa’s Book Fayre boosted by James Patterson award

Cheers: Book Fayre owner Kathryn Fairs enjoys a cup of tea
Cheers: Book Fayre owner Kathryn Fairs enjoys a cup of tea

The owner of a Woodhall Spa bookshop has received £2,000 to promote children’s reading in the community.

The award for the Book Fayre comes from the foundation set up by James Patterson, the American author who is one of the world’s most popular thriller writers.

Kathryn Fairs, from the Book Fayre, said: “My aim is to partially use the grant to set up a monthly storytelling time for toddlers.

“The shop already has a dedicated children’s area. As an ex-primary school teacher, I understand the importance of ‘catching them when they’re young.’

“One of the most favourite parts of my day was letting the children sprawl out on the floor and allow them to relax and listen to a story or part of a novel.

“I would like to reproduce the joy that the children show when being read to by running fun storytelling sessions, ideally followed by an activity session.

“My plan is to run these once a month using a local theatre/storytelling company.

“I would also use part of the grant to fund some soft squidgy floor tiles and cushions/mini sofas for the children to relax.

“I think it’s very important to encourage young people to feel comfortable around books.”

Mrs Fairs would also like to use part of the grant to set up an older readers reading group.

She added: “I am very grateful to James Patterson. I tweeted him my thanks and he even retweeted my tweet, to be viewed by his 72.6K followers.”