“Roadworks are fine, it’s the ridiculous road signs that are causing the problem”

Diversions on Lincoln Road in Horncastle
Diversions on Lincoln Road in Horncastle

Business owners and town councillors have slammed Linclnshire County Council Highways for confusing road signs and unfathomable diversions that are keeping shoppers out of Horncastle’s centre during the current roadworks.

Major works on the town’s gas mains began in the High Street on Monday. Business owners have praised the professionalism and planning of National Grid, which is carrying out the work, but blamed confusing diversion signs for a drop in footfall in shopping areas.

One example people are finding confusing is on Lincoln Road. Driving towards the town centre there is a ‘no left turn’ sign followed immediately by two diversion signs, one pointing left along West Street and another pointing right along Langton Hill.

Graham Moore, of Houldens Newsagents said he had seen a drop in business, but blamed the signs and not National Grid.

He added: “We do not need all these diversion signs. The High Street is not a throughway anyway.

“All we need is signs directing people to the car parks. The car park on the Market Place is still open, you normally can’t get a space but it’s empty today.

“I think National Grid have done everything they can but whoever put the signs out needs to think again.”

Horncastle Town Councillors also raised the issue of poor signage at their meeting at the Stanhope Hall last night.

Horncastle County Councillor Bill Aron said he is working with Highways to improve the signage as soon as possible.

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