New initiative is set to offer help to unemployed


A new initiative has been launched in Horncastle

designed to get out-of-

work 18-24-year-olds

into employment.

The ‘Career Net’ programme has already proved to be a major success in other parts of Lincolnshire, including Louth, Skegness and Gainsborough.

Now funding has been secured to launch the project in Horncastle.

People aged between 18-24 are invited to sessions at the town’s Community Centre on a Thursday, from 9.30am.

Theresa Salisbury is leading the Horncastle initiative, and is hoping it will prove popular.

She said: “The programme is all about helping people progress - whether to work, apprenticeships, or high-level training.

“However, progression can be a very big step, even scary, so we can offer any support people need.”

Ms Sailsbury said supportis available across a range of issues including how to improve CVs, how to fill in job applications, and interview techniques.

She added: “It is difficult for young people who are out of work, for whatever reason.

“They might have lost their job or be looking for their first opening.

“We can help. The opportunities are there, and it’s about helping people make the most of them.”

Ms Salisbury said there was no reason why Horncastle could not be as successful as other areas.

•Anyone interested can contact Ms Salisbury at CLIP on 01673 843489/07731500830.