Mobile Post office launched for Hagworthingham, Belchfford, Haltham and Welton Le Marsh


A mobile post office will be rolling into the countryside near you soon as the Coningsby sub-postmaster takes special delivery of a new van.

The brand new vehicle will ensure isolated rural communities can be reached.

Coningsby Post Office will use one of 40 new Mercedes Sprinter vehicles which aim to serve 250 locations each week and several in Lincolnshire

It is kitted out to provide a walk-in post office on wheels with the added facility of an accessible lift.

The Coningsby mobile branch will call at Hagworthingham, Welton Le Marsh, Belchford and Haltham.

Services provided include postage, personal banking, such as cash withdrawal, savings and insurance, and other facilities that core branches will provide to isolated areas.

The new fleet of vehicles replace the outgoing fleet of converted LDV vans which have travelled about three million miles during the last six years.

Post Office network director Kevin Gilliland said: “We are very pleased to see this new mobile post office take to the road to provide vital services for customers in these areas.

“Post Office is modernising to meet customers’ needs and we are investing across the network to make it easier for customers whether that means they are served by one of our new vehicles in more isolated areas or at a modernised high street outlet.”

The Post Office is now independent of Royal Mail and is said to be the largest retail network in the UK with more than 11,500 branches.

It also has a growing financial services companies and is believed to be the market leader for travel money.

It can also be found online where it promotes information on products and promotions at


Hagworthingham - Tuesday and Thursdays 1.30pm to 2.30pm. Welton Le Marsh - Wednesday 12 noon to 1pm and Friday 1.15pm to 2.15pm. Belchford - Tuesday and Thursdays at 12 noon to 1pm. Haltham - Tuesday and Thursdays 10.30am to 11.30am.