Is Woodhall Spa map board in the right place?


It is a valuable source of information for thousands of visitors who flock into Woodhall Spa every year. In fact, they’d be lost with out it!

However, it appears the village map board is so popular, parish councillors are considering moving it to a new location.

The board is attached to the wall of a building in the centre of the village in Station Road.

However, councillor Jennifer Frost revealed at a recent meeting that she had received a complaint that people stopping to look at the map were obstructing the pavement.

She said an elderly couple had told her they had to step into the road, dangerously close to passing traffic.

Coun Frost expressed concerns that people with pushchairs and wheelchairs could face an even bigger problem.

Other councillors disagreed and said the village centre was the right location.

However, Coun Shirley Williams said she was worried about pedestrians having to step into the road and described the situation as ‘an accident waiting to happen.”

Councillors agreed to carry out a survey to gauge the scale of the problem before deciding whether to move the board..

However, parish clerk Amanda Bushell admitted it would be better carrying out the survey in the summer when there are more people about.

She said: “Councillors did look at the situation but at this time of the year it wasn’t busy enough to form an opinion.”

Meanwhile, councillors are supporting plans to improve the range of services offered by the village library.

An appeal has been launched for more volunteers to come forward and help run the library. Training in library procedures and polices will be provided.

Anyone interested in volunteering should call in at the library on Monday mornings from 10am to 1.30pm.