I want to help put our town on the map says business owner

Flo Moore in Horncastle's Market Place EMN-140624-105838001
Flo Moore in Horncastle's Market Place EMN-140624-105838001

A Horncastle business owner wants to put the town back on the map after being appointed as Chairman of the Federation of Trade and Commerce.

Despite an unsuccessful bid to join Horncastle’s Town Council, Flo Moore, of Houldens newsagents, is determined to do her bit for the town and attract new visitors to support its businesses.

Flo, who recently took over Houldens with her husband, has come up with a number of ideas which she is hoping to implement alongside other businesses to attract new shoppers to the town.

“Horncastle was famous for its horse fairs, yet we don’t do anything to celebrate that tradition,” Flo said.

“We could have a big event in the market place with people dressing up as horses and parading through the town - how feasible that is I’m not sure, but it’s something that could be done to get people to visit Horncastle.

“I would also like to see us have more stand-alone markets.

“We could have craft markets, antiques markets, auctions and the like in the market place.

“I would much prefer for the town to have no parking in the market place, I think it would look much more attractive.”

Flo said that she had contacted East Lindsey District Council and said that they were wholly supportive of the ideas she had come up with.

“They haven’t ruled anything out,” Flo continued. “And they have told me they will look into the possibility of having more markets in the town.”

Flo is asking for anybody with ideas to contact her at Houldens with plans already in motion for later this year.

Flo said: “I’d like for us to use our parks for big events more often.

“I’ve been told that a part of one of the parks is cordoned off as a protected area but we could definitely use the rest of it.

“I want to get people in this town, and its businesses, working together to put it back on the map.

“I love Horncastle and really want to do what’s best for it.”