Horncastle will get a boost from faster internet......but now it’s problems with mobile phones

County Council Bill Aron who is backing faster broadband to boost the town
County Council Bill Aron who is backing faster broadband to boost the town

Horncastle’s county councillor Bill Aron has welcomed the latest figures for the roll out of superfast broadband as a significant boost for the town.

Officials from GoLincolnshire revealed in the News last week that 91 per cent of residents and businesses in Horncastle should be able to access faster broadband.

It’s part of a countywide £40m project to improve broadband speeds – in line with Government targets.

Coun Aron accepted there had been initial problems in Horncastle which appeared to have been ironed out and he said work on improving services in more remote areas would continue.

He explained: “I think everyone should welcome the latest figures.

“There has been a big improvement and while I’m not saying it is perfect, the system appears to be a lot better – and is getting better all the time.

“More and more premises can access faster broadband and in this day and age that has to be a boost for the local economy.

Quicker broadband speeds are provided by green ‘cabinets’ which have appeared in various locations over recent months as part of the roll out.

Coun Aron confirmed there were 15 cabinets in Horncastle and 14 of them were ‘live’ by the end of July.

He said the fifteenth would become operational by the end of this month – effectively providing 100 per cent coverage.

Coun Aron reminded residents and businesses that there was no automatic link between premises and the cabinets.

He stressed people had to contact their internet provider to ensure the faster link was accessible.

Stephen Brookes, a spokesman for the GoLincolnshire project, said work would continue over the coming months to provide faster speeds to as many people as possible.

He admitted there were problem ‘hot spots’ in some areas – particularly in the Wolds – but confirmed the county council was working with BT and other suppliers to solve issues.

Mr Brookes played down the chances of even faster fibre optic broadband arriving – saying the cost would be ‘prohibitive’.

While broadbandspeeds are improving, attention has switched to concerns about mobile phone coverage in the Horncastle area.

A report from Ofcom suggests the town is one of the worst areas in the country for reception.

Already several readers have contacted the News to complain. Paul Butler said: “3G or 4G? Don’t make me laugh. I’m happy just to get a signal.”