Horncastle Hellcat rocks’n’rolls in book

John 'Hatty' Hattersley still on the road at 73
John 'Hatty' Hattersley still on the road at 73

After talking to a Teddy Boy from London, John Hattersley thought he better write down his life story.

And what a life it was, with rock’n’roll, motorbikes, and life’s many ups and downs.

Now, after six years of “jotting down” his memoirs, ‘Hatty’ has published a book, with a little help from a friend.

“I’m not a writer,” confesses the 73-year-old.

But there are rollicking tales of growing up in rural Lincolnshire, as a ‘war baby’ never knowing his father, and embarking on a lifelong career as a builder.

There’s John’s passion for motorbikes, rock’n’roll and the exhilaration of life being one thrilling ride.

“There’s “funny stories too,” some blunt assessments, as well as John’s philosophies on life.

Family and other photos also remind readers of life when petrol was cheap; the wide, open road beckoned and the music far better than it is today.

John says the book has been well-received, especially by the music and motorbiking fraternities, with people keen to connect with growing up in the 1950s and 1960s and through to the present day.

“It came off the printer just over a week ago and already we have sold more than 50 copies,” he said.

Next, John will be showing off his proud work at Stanhope Hall on November 8, where he and friends will be running a Rock’N’Roll dance.

The £20 book is also on sale at John Archer’s Motorcycle shop in Woohdall Spa or direct from John on 01507-343562.