Horncastle business was a victim of eBay hacking scam

Dianha Ward was the victim of the eBay scam EMN-140526-121541001
Dianha Ward was the victim of the eBay scam EMN-140526-121541001

A Horncastle business owner has revealed how she was involved in a worldwide data breach that led to the accounts of 145 million eBay customers being hacked.

Dinah Ward, who jointly owns the Hobby House shop in North Street, was shocked when she discovered someone had hacked into her eBay account and tried to buy goods worth more than £3,000.

The list of items included lap-top computers and iPads valued at more than £2,000.

The transactions did not go through because of security measures on Mrs Ward’s ‘Paypal’ account.

However, she has slammed e-Bay for their “appalling response” and warned other customers to ensure they change their passwords.

Mrs Ward told the News: “I went into the shop and switched on the computer to check out emails.

“I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary but was greeted by five emails telling me to pay for goods bought on eBay on the Hobby Horse account.

“I couldn’t believe it. Someone had ordered over £2,000 of lap-tops and iPads and they were asking to be paid.

“I almost had a heart attack.

“I immediately went into my account and found the items that had been ordered.

“I then discovered that my account had been hacked and that I now lived in London, which is where the goods were to be delivered. It was really worrying.”

Mrs Ward said she immediately changed her password and her address.

She said she spent more than an hour on the phone to eBay, including 45 minutes of waiting for the call to be answered.

She added: “By the time I re-logged into my account, whoever had hacked in had brought two more items for £1,300.

“I felt sick as I checked my ‘Paypal’ and bank accounts but nothing has been taken from them.

“eBay were completely dismissive, saying I must have used an insecure wifi or bought the goods on my phone in a public place.

“I explained everything had been done on a desk top computer on a secured wifi, but at no time did they (eBay) say they had security issues.

“Surely, they should have advised their customers earlier. I have lost all faith now.”

Mrs Ward contacted Horncastle Police who have passed on her complaint to a national body.