From a Woodhall Spa kitchen to America - Carole’s dream

Carole Burnell (back) with staff member Caroline Roddis
Carole Burnell (back) with staff member Caroline Roddis

Just four years ago, she was shifting pots and pans around to make extra space to work from the kitchen of her home in Woodhall Spa.

Now, Carole Burnell is the owner of a rapidly expanding business, based in impressive offices at the Fortuna Business Centre in Horncastle.

The telephone rarely stops ringing. The appointment books are rapidly filling.

So much so that Carole recently organised a recruitment evening to source new staff.

She runs a B2B telemarketing company. In layman’s terms she - and her staff - are something of a go between. They put businesses in touch with prospective clients.

Hers is an amazing success story.

Not that it’s about to end. In fact, nevermind Horncastle - Carole has ambitious plans to expand into the highly lucrative American market as soon as possible.

“Things are going really well,” says Carole who manages to ‘juggle’ her hectic business commitments with the often equally demanding role of being a single mum to four kids.

She explains: “I was working from the kitchen of my house three or four years ago.

“It wasn’t ideal, especially with children around

“But I’d always wanted to run my own business and basically just went for it.

“It has worked out really well.

“We’re looking to take on extra staff, there’s a good chance that we’ll get into America - even go global.

“I’d love to think that one day in the not too distant future we’ll have 40 or 50 staff working for the company.

“I can definitely see it.

”If you believe in yourself - and want something enough - then go for it.”

Carole moved to Woodhall Spa from Shropshire six years ago.

Her background is in business marketing and appointment generation. She’s worked with - and for - some of Britain’s biggest companies.

An impressive track record convinced her to branch out on her own and she’s more than happy that four years on, her view is of the former Horncastle College campus - and not the hot and cold taps.

She adds: “I wanted to give my children a quality of life and that’s happening.

“I’d built up a lot of contacts and I was always confident I could make a go of it.

“It’s hard work but I love it.”