BREAKING NEWS: ELDC recommends approval for new homes in Horncastle


Planning officers at East Lindsey District Council are recommending a controversial scheme for new homes in Horncastle should be approved - despite strong opposition from local residents and the Town Council.

Lindum Homes want to build a total of 23 new dwellings on land off Wesley Way.

Members of ELDC’s planning committee will meet tomorrow (Thursday) at Manby to make a final decision.

In a report that will be put before the committee, planning officers recommend approval - but with a dozen conditions attached.

The conditions include provision for a Section 106 agreements to cover the cost of a shortfall in school places and in local heath service provision.

Other conditions relate to the run off of surface water, without the risk of flooding and proposals regarding roads and pavements. A full archaeological survey must also be carried out.

Town councillors are among the objectors after raising concerns about a number of issues including flooding and the added pressure on the local infra-structure including schools, the NHS and roads.

The Town Council is particularly concerned about the impact the new homes will have on Thunker Drain which is already prone to flooding.

Fears have also been expressed that permission for the 23 new homes could pave the way for a much bigger development in the area.

Wesley Way is just one of several sites in Horncastle subject to applications for new homes.