Big fall in Jobseeker’s claimants


Thirty per cent fewer people per are claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in the Louth and Horncastle parliamentary constituency than 12 months ago.

Latest statistics show there are 804 claimants in the constituency compared to the figure for 12 months ago.

At Louth Jobcentre Plus, which deals with some claimants from the Horncastle area, there has been a 27.2 per cent drop - 478 down to 348.

Other figures show that 50 per cent of claimants at the Louth centre find work within eight weeks of their first claim with over 75 per cent securing employment within 13 weeks.

Louth Jobcentre Plus senior operations leader Becky Newborough said: “I am really pleased with the latest 
figures for our area.

“It shows there are more people in employment, less poverty, and the support we are giving to people 
is working,

“We work closely with local employers and providers in order to have a joined up approach, and we aim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for people who are looking for work.”

The area’s MP, Victoria Atkins, said she was delighted with the figures and stressed they showed the Government’s economic policy is working.

She also pointed to figures which showed a near 
50 per cent reduction in the number of claimants compared with five years ago.

Ms Atkins said that since 2010, the number of people claiming the allowance had falled by 735 - a 48 per cent reduction.

She added: “I am delighted that over the last five years the number of people relying on Jobseeker’s Allowance has fallen. This is a testament to our long term economic plan which is providing a more secure future for families in Louth and Horncastle.

“It is good to see this positive news reflected nationally. The UK Claimant Count is now at its lowest rate since 1975. Wage growth is at its highest in real terms since October 2007.

“As a government for working people, we’re committed to go further as we work towards a Britain of full employment, which offers working people security 
at every stage of their life.”

Chair of the Constituency Labour Party for Louth and Horncastle Laura Stephenson said: “It is good to see more people in work than before including more woman now being employed.

“However, they can’t seem to stop zero hour jobs, plus people who are made jobless by their company and then rehired.

“We also don’t know how many people in our area are unemployed but not 
claiming any benefits.”