BAE hits the heights in Coningsby

BAE staff work on a Typhoon fighter
BAE staff work on a Typhoon fighter

When BAE Systems first arrived at RAF Coningsby in 2008, they had 40 employees.

Five years on and they now have over 600 people working on the Typhoon Availability Service (TAS) contract at RAF Coningsby.

BAE Systems are responsible for a number of roles at RAF Coningsby, including training both aircrew and ground crew on the Typhoon, delivering maintenance and servicing of the aircraft, providing technical support and managing spares, repairs and logistics.

The global defence, aerospace and security company has been growing its footprint in the area for a number of years and with the continued success of the TAS contract, the

need for recruiting is still high on the agenda.

Talking about BAE Systems as a local employer, site lead Steve Debonnaire said: “We’re really proud to be here in Lincolnshire.

“Over the past few years, our presence in the local area has grown significantly and that growth shows no signs of slowing down.

“A number of our employees have moved to Coningsby from our site up in Preston which is testament to the Lincolnshire area that the majority of these employees decide to stay and make their life here.

“The type of work we do at RAF Coningsby is something we’re extremely proud of; supporting the RAF on a day to day basis with such a fantastic aircraft is a real pleasure and it really does make coming to work worthwhile.

“Being part of so many different areas means we have a whole host of different people working on the base, including administrators, IT specialists, engineers, project managers and more.

“We also have a large number of apprentices learning their trade at RAF Coningsby, many of which do actually come from the Lincolnshire area.

“As we don’t have a large publicly viewable building or site, it’s easy for BAE Systems to go unnoticed in the local area.

“However, we do hope that the residents of the Lincolnshire recognise that we are a large local employer and that we bring both jobs and income to the local area.”

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