Avril has the tips for life in her new book

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Retired Reverend Avril Ford of Horncastle has published a new book - and has some hot life tips for all readers.

Avril said “‘Take two at bedtime’ contains modern parables of what Jesus might say, if he were alive today.

The book is Avril’s second, after her autobiography, “Going Home the Long Way Round,” which was released a year ago.

The title of the new book aims to reflect the need for some spiritual sustenance before bedtime, and follows on from her life with the church.

“It’s just collecting things I have written over a number of years. I am a writer and it was a case of harvesting what I had produced recently and sharing it with a wider audience,” she said.

Avril said a target market will be those who enjoyed her first work, though her new book also contains children’s stories.

The book reflects how Avril is re-interpreting the gospel, which is part of the commissioning of an Anglican priest.

“My generation is fast becoming history, but I hope my stories still have the power to engage and to provoke you to think about the greatest story of them all,” she said.

The book, will also be “ideal for Christmas”, packed with photos taken by husband Don Ford. Avril plans signings at Perkins in Horncastle on November 13 at 10am, later on in Louth and Woodhall Spa.

“I’m not going to stop writing,” Avril added. Writers write. That’s what we do. I’m halfway through a whodunnit, but I haven’t decided whodunnit yet.”