Angry Horncastle traders hit out after loo lock-out

Market trader Alan Grant points to the sign outside the toilets
Market trader Alan Grant points to the sign outside the toilets

Horncastle’s Market traders weren’t exactly flushed with cash last week - after they were locked out of the town’s loos.

As usual, stall holders started to turn up at 6am on Thursday morning, expecting the public toilets in St Lawrence Street to open an hour later.

However, the shutters were still down at 9am. Increasingly anxious traders contacted East Lindsey District Council.

The council admitted making a mistake in a mix-up over winter opening hours and has since apologised to traders.

Alan Grant, who owns a greetings card stall, said: “It was a ridiculous situation.

“There’s a sign outside the toilets which clearly showed they will open at 7am on market days during the winter.

“It even states that on East Lindsey’s own website.

“After a couple of hours, there was no sign of the toilets opening.

“It is not laughing matter. What does the council expect us to do? Use the gutter?

“We all pay more than enough in rent. The least the council can do is provide us with some decent facilities.”

Mr Grant was backed by several other traders who have previously complained about the toilets being poorly maintained and unfit for use.

There is a 24 hour facility at St Lawrence Street, but Mr Grant said it was unfair to expect men and women to use the same toilet, often within seconds of each other.

Mr Grant claimed an ELDC employee arrived at around 9.30am and informed traders he had been told not to open the toilets until 10am.

An ELDC spokesman said: “The toilets should have been open at 7am as it is market day.

“On moving to winter opening hours from November 1, there was a mistake when the instructions were given to the person who opens the toilets.

”We apologise to the traders and anyone else inconvenienced by this.”