Budgens is here to stay says Spa business owner

Budgens is here to stay says store owner
Budgens is here to stay says store owner

The owner of Budgens in Woodhall Spa has dismissed speculation about its future and says a new £200,000 investment proves the business is there to stay.

More than 30 Budgens stores will close across the country after the company that owned them went into administration.

But Sunny Hundal, who has owned the Woodhall Spa store for almost ten years, says it is on course for a vibrant future.

He says: “There were rumours after the reports of the closures last month.

“But there is no threat to this store - as long as the customers keep coming.

“I live in Woodhall Spa. I love it here - because of the business and because of the village.”

The store employs around 40 staff and Mr Hundal said he was proud that he’d never had to lay anyone off in the last decade.

He added: “I’m lucky in that we’ve created a great team here.

“We’re part of the community and that helps. Customers know and like the staff.”

Mr Hundal revealed there had been on-going investment during his tenure but said the recent improvements were the most significant yet.

He added: “I’ve spent just over £200,000 and there’s a little bit more to come.

“We have replaced all the fridges, there’s new flooring, new displays, a new lighting system, a new bakery and there are new freezers to come in.

“It’s to move with the times and to cope with the demand from customers. After this, I’m planning to be here for the next 10 years, all being well.”

Budgens has been taken-over by Tesco but Mr Hunday stressed nothing would change in Woodhall Spa.

He added: “There will be no Tesco above my door and no Tesco goods in store.”

Store manager James Shepherd said the store was keen to work with as many local suppliers as possible.

Mr Shepherd said: “We heard about a woman in Woodhall who is making her own ice cream.

“We spoke to her and two days later, her range (Bert and Ellie) is on sale in our store!”