BT given £51,000 fine after sub-contractors ‘fail to meet the required standard’

Court news.
Court news.

Communications giant BT has been fined a total of £51,000 after a subcontractor ‘failed to meet the required standard’ on two sites.

The company appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court on August 15, where it faced a total of 15 charges related to London Road, in Kirton, and the A153 Sleaford Road and High Street in Tattershall.

The offences included failing to give seven days notice of works taking place, ‘inadequate’ traffic control measures and failing to include pedestrian walkways.

They took place in Kirton between January 25 and January 28, and in Tattershall between February 1 and march 3.

A Lincolnshire County Council highways spokesman said: “The council has a responsibility to ensure anyone carrying out work on the roads does so safely.

“In this instance, a sub-contractor working for BT did not meet the required standard. At all the sites mentioned, the traffic control measures were found to be inadequate. In addition, there was no pedestrian walkway installed at the Tattershall site.

“These shortcomings posed a risk to both motorists and pedestrians, and so we were compelled to take action. Hopefully, the result of this prosecution will underline the importance of prioritising safety when working on the roads.”

As well as the £51,000 fine, magistrates also ordered BT to pay a £120 victim surcharge and £2,166.83 costs.

An Openreach spokesman said: “We have carried out more than 4,000 jobs in Lincolnshire during the last 12 months and we always seek to follow the correct procedures.

“The vast majority of our work is completed without a hitch. But clearly at these two locations, the work of sub-contractors fell short of the high standards we set and we apologise for that.”