Brothers paint Horncastle red, white and blue - and lots of other colours!


Brothers Austin (7) and Theodore Tomlin (5) have joined in the pebble-painting craze.

The duo - pupils at Horncastle Primary School - have painted and hidden 18 pebbles during the summer holidays.

Dad Brian Tomlin said: “The boys love the outdoors and have been wanting Horncastle to take part (in pebble-painting) so we’ve taken it on board ourselves and brought it to our town.”

The pebbles have been left in secret places in Horncastle. Brian added: “We are hoping people will join our adventure and have fun finding our pebbles. We are ask just one thing - leave the pebbles where they have been placed so others can enjoy finding them.”

The News revealed last week how Christina Pallett and her grandchildren had also hidden more than 20 hand-painted pebbles.