BREAKING NEWS: Congratulations and good luck to Coningsby’s big lottery winners

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Messages of congratulation were today (Friday) flooding in for the Coningsby couple who won an amazing £53m on the Lottery.

Richard and Angela Maxwell, who are well known in Coningsby, banked the mind-boggling jackpot in Tuesday night’s EuroMilllions Draw.

County councillor Colin Mair, who lives next door to the couple in Coningsby, led the praise.

He said: “You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer couple.

“They do so much for Coningsby and I’m sure that will continue.

“They are brilliant neighbours and I was only talking to them the other day.

“They’re having a garage built at their home but I’m not so sure what will happen now.

“It will be sad if they move away and I know they’ve got a lot of friends in this area.”

Coun Mair will stand as a UKIP candidate for the Louth and Horncastle constituency in next month’s General Election.

He added; “Unfortunately, I don’t think Richard and Angela are UKIP supporters but they have wished me the best of luck.”

The couple are understood to have bought their winning tickets at McColl’s in Coningsby.

There were reports today of a brisk trade in tickets for the various Lottery draws over Easter.

Steve Allison said: “It’s brilliant someone from here has won it and good luck to them.

“I got four numbers the other week and ended up with thirty-odd quid!

“It just makes you think.”

Alison Reed said: “I know people who know the Maxwells and they say they are a really nice couple.

“I hope they enjoy the money and it’s hard to think it won’t change their lives.

“Good luck to them.”

Sue Johnson added: “It takes some believing winning so much money.

“It must be great waking up in a morning thinking you don’t have to worry about working any more.

“I’m sure they’ll help their family and from what I can gather, I’d bet they’ll help a lot of local causes as well.”

Ian Anderson said the first thing he’d do after such a big win is give up work and travel the world.

He added: “Never mind a new house in Coningsby, they could probably afford to buy the entire village!

“I’d pack everything in, make sure my family and friends were secure, pay for a big party and then just fly off somewhere.

“If I found a nice island somewhere - I’d buy it and stay there.

“Who needs the miserable English weather when you’ve got £53 in the bank?”

In Horncastle, there were high hopes a lucky winning ticket could be just around the corner.

Simon Harris said: “There’s been a winner in Coningsby and a winner in Scunthorpe in the last week.

“Hopefully, Horncastle is next.

“£53m takes some beating. What would I do with it? If you invested it wisely, you’d probably struggle to even spend the interest!”

Helen Livesey was buying a lottery ticket at the town’s newsagents this morning

She said: “I’d stopped trying because I never seem to win but after reading about the couple yesterday, I thought why not

“If it can happen for them it can happen for me.

“Just think - £53 million. I wouldn’t mind just 10 per cent of that.

“I’d give a lot away to charity and friends and family - and then enjoy spending the rest.”