Boost for walkers as councillors agree to back new footbridge

News. Photo: Shutterstock
News. Photo: Shutterstock

Councillors in Horncastle have agreed to take on responsibility for maintaining a new footbridge which will open up new routes for walkers.

The Horncastle Walkers are Welcome Group has led a campaign for a footbridge across the ‘old’ River Bain, making it easier to access Banovallum Carr woods.

A number of organisations - including the Environment Agency - have made financial contributions actual cost of bridge which is due to be erected by volunteers from Horncastle Lions.

Two months ago, officials from Walkers are Welcome asked Horncastle Town Council to take on long-term responsibility for the bridge, including maintaining the structure.

However, councillors delayed a decision to seek more information about the costs - and legal implications.

But at a meeting last month, councillors voted unanimously to support the project.

Town clerk Amanda Bushell told councillors the bridge would add another £30-a-year to the council’s public liability insurance policy.

She explained the town council’s own staff would maintain the bridge.

Councillors Bill Aron and Fiona Martin said they were delighted to support the project.

They were backed by Coun David Snell who admitted he was initially sceptical because of the legal implications.

Coun Snell had been concerned that anyone injured either while using the bridge could have submitted a claim for compensation.

ail Dymoke, from Walkers are Welcome, thanked the town council and said it was ‘brilliant’ the project finally looked set to go ahead after three years of campaigning.