Book reveals the life of ‘Mr Horncastle’

Robert Bell with a copy of the book
Robert Bell with a copy of the book

Their name is synonymous with Horncastle and now a new book has been published about a member of the Bell family.

‘Memoirs of an Infantry Auctioneer’ provides a fascinating insight into the life of Robert Hay Bell.

In particular, the book focuses on his involvement in the Second World War when he served in Africa and Burma.

Mr Bell died in 2007 but had written his memoirs in 1996.

They have been published by his son Robert, who runs a business which is firmly established as one of the county’s most respected Estate Agents and Auctioneers.

Mr Bell said: “It is a fascinating story.

“By the tender age of 28, I think he had experienced more than many of us see in the whole of our lives.

“His quick, open mind fostered an interest in a wide variety of subjects including, centrally, agriculture.

“His memoirs were written in longhand. He was too modest to note all his war record so we have added some details, together with photographs, maps and cuttings.”

Mr Bell Snr was born during the First World War in Spilsby Road, Horncastle.

The early part of the book concentrates on his childhood before moving on to a remarkable account of his war service.

It also features his life after the war and is packed with recollections of Horncastle.

*A limited number of books (£15) are available from the offices of Robert Bell and Co.