Bingo! - Janice from Tetford is sill raising vital funds

Janice Dilks (back row, middle) with helpers at the Horncastle Community Centre session EMN-151223-151432001
Janice Dilks (back row, middle) with helpers at the Horncastle Community Centre session EMN-151223-151432001

Forget top of the shop or even Maggie’s Den....the number is anything but up for Horncastle’s amazing bingo fund raiser Janice Dilks.

Janice, who lives in Tetford, has been raising funds for the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Air Ambulance for more than ten years.

And she’s added another £4,800 to her impressive efforts thanks to the success of her monthly bingo sessions at Horncastle Community Centre.

So far, the 76-year-old - she celebrated her birthday just before Christmas - has raised around £36,000 for the Air Ambulance.

However, she has no plans to call time - until she’s reached the magical figure of £50,000.

Janice explained: “I said when I started that I wanted to get to £50,000.

“Well, we are well on the way now and I know we’ll get there - hopefully in another three or four years.”

And Janice is already hard at working planning next year’s sessions - and arranging all important prizes for her regulars.

Janice said: “I’d just like to thank everyone who has supported me during the year.

“It’s been fantastic - all the helpers...I couldn’t have done it without them.

“We’ve actually raised £4,831.27 this year which is amazing.

“Hopefully, we’ll do even better next year.

“That’s the aim anyway!”

Janice has held 11 bingo sessions in Horncastle and another four in Louth.

The Louth sessions are held at the town’s Royal British Legion Club.

She explained: “We got some lovely support from people.

“I’d say we get between 40 and 60 people at the Horncastle sessions - and 70 and 80 at Louth.

“They do take a lot of organising but it’s well worth it - especially when you see the work the Air Ambulance does.”

Janice says she might move on to fund raise for another charity - once she reaches that goal of £50,000.

She added: “When I decided to start, I looked around and the Air Ambulance was a really worthy cause.

“But it would be nice to think I might be able to help another charity. They all do a wonderful job.”

Emma Thorpe, fundraising manager for the Air Ambulance, has written to Janice, thanking her for her efforts.