Banovallum Garden Centre on the cards?


The former Crowders Garden Centre in Horncastle could have a new name.

The centre was sold to Wyevale last week and the new owners are inviting shoppers to help choose a name, with visitors to the centre asked to select from three names put forward by staff:

n Wolds View – suggested by Trevor Blake and Simon Nagle because of their favourite scenic view of the Wolds from the plant area;

nBanovallum – the historic Roman name for Horncastle, as suggested by Richard Howitt;

nHorncastle – because Wyevale are proud to be joining the Horncastle community.

Wyevale will also be donating £500 to local voluntary emergency services charity LIVES in recognition of the community’s support for the initiative.

Crowders have supported LIVES for many years and Wyevale say they are delighted to continue to support ‘this fantastic local initiative.’

To take part in the proposed re-naming, specially designed voting boxes will be located in the centre.

Visitors can place a bulb in the box representing their name of choice. Voting will run through to February 28.

Ken Dawson, garden centre manager, said: “We are thrilled to invite visitors to play an important role in shaping the future name of the centre, to ensure the new name is in keeping with its rich history and heritage, and chimes with local community values.”

Trevor Blake, a long-serving member of staff, said: “We are delighted to be part of the renaming process. “

“It is thrilling have an input.”