Banks exhibition is hailed a big success

Dr Cheryl Berry, Phil Stevens and Kay Hayden (Red Dog Films)
Dr Cheryl Berry, Phil Stevens and Kay Hayden (Red Dog Films)

An exhibition in Lincoln to mark the achievements of famous Horncastle explorer Sir Joseph Banks has been hailed as a major success.

Thousands of people attended the exhibition, ‘Joseph Banks A Great Endeavour’, at The Collection.

Members of the Sir Joseph Banks Society and invited guests attended a special reception to mark the completion of the three-month event.

Society Chairman Dr Cheryl Berry thanked everyone who contributed and said many people - especially children - were more aware of the achievements of the Lincolnshire botanist.

The work of the exhibition will carry on with the creation of new links with universities across the world and special school curriculum packs.

Another exciting development is the launch of the ‘Banks Endeavour’ film project by the Lincolnshire based Red Dog Film team.

Plans include a full length feature film and possibly a TV series based on Sir Joseph’s round-the-world voyage aboard HMS Endeavour.

Film director Phil Stevens showed an interview with the Society’s Patron Sir David Attenborough.

The plan is for a full length Banks feature film which could evolve into a three episode TV series.

Fundraising is underway and the society has contributed £1,000 in addition to £12,000 from the Lincolnshire Community Foundation.

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