Balloon’s flight to Netherlands

Kiera Greveson-Wood with mum Michelle.
Kiera Greveson-Wood with mum Michelle.

When Kiera Greveson-Wood decided to tie a note to her small blue balloon and launch it into the sky - she never dreamed where it would end up.

The 7-year-old, from Horncastle, was amazed to find it had travelled an estimated 416 miles across the North Sea to the home of 6-year-old Boaz Immeker in Oosterwolde in the Netherlands.

Kiera’s mum Michelle Wood said: “She and her friend Oliver let the balloon go up into the air in July - just to see how far it would go.

“She put a note with it with her name and age and asked the finder to ‘add it to Facebook’ if it was found.

“She kept asking me over the weeks if anything had been put on Facebook.”

When the balloon was discovered with a plastic bag attached and the note inside by Boaz, the Immeker family began trying to track down its owner.

They had no surname for Kiera, but as she had written she was from Horncastle they put her name and town into Google.

When that came to no avail they contacted the Horncastle News for our help.

Boaz’s parents Jan and Adriene wrote in an email: “We have tried to find Kiera, as she requested, on Facebook but we could’t find her,

“We entered the names Kiera and Horncastle in Google and found an article in the Horncastle News dated Tuesday 24 March 2015, about a girl called Kiera watching the eclipse. Perhaps this is the girl that sent the balloon into the air?”

It wasn’t the same Kiera but Michelle’s father-in-law spotted our story that the balloon had been found and Michelle got in touch - identifying the actual owner .

She said: “Kiera was really excited. She never imagined it would travel so far.“

“We have the email address for the family in Oosterwolde and we are going to get in touch.

“It would be nice to chat to them and find out more about their family.”

Oosterwolde is a village in Friesland in the north-west of the Netherlands.

It is mainly an agricultural province and Friesland is the only one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands to have its own language ‘West Frisian’.

It is not the first time a balloon has travelled to the Netherlands from the UK.

In June this year a ‘Frozen’ balloon released by 4-year-old Sienna Taylor in Manchester also made the epic journey across the Channel and into Europe.

Sienna released her balloon in Salford city centre with a note attached.

It travelled all the way to Alteveer in north-east Holland.