All aboard...but could we have a warmer bus please?

Waiting for the bus
Waiting for the bus

One of the country’s biggest bus operators has pledged to turn up the heat on its vehicles - after a complaint from a Horncastle pensioner.

Sylvia Tetfield (71), who lives in the Boston Road area, contacted the News about the cold conditions on Stagecoach buses which operate the busy No.6 service between Lincoln and Skegness.

Mrs Tetfield said she used the service two or three times a week but was often left ‘feeling like ice’ because of poor heating.

She asked whether the News could do anything to help - adding other passengers felt exactly the same as her.

The News duly contacted Stagecoach who promised they would adjust thermostats to try and make the buses warmer.

Mrs Tetfield said: “The buses are very cold and they seem to have become worse in the last couple of weeks.

“I know they have to keep opening the doors to let people on and you can feel the cold air rushing in but it’s like they’ve turned the heating down.

“The drivers are really nice. It’s not their fault and mostly the buses run on time.

“But sometimes when your journey is finished, your feet feel like blocks of ice.

“The other service to Louth is a lot better.”

Mrs Tetfield said she had started to wear extra clothes for journeys.

She added: “It’s not just me complaining. All we’re asking is for the heating to be turned up a bit, especially in the really cold weather.

“It’s funny really because in the summer it’s often too hot and people are asking for the heating to be turned down!”

Mrs Tefield was supported by several passengers who were waiting for the No.6 service in Horncastle Market Place last Friday morning.

Pauline Green agreed that the buses were too cold.

She said she thought one of the problems was Stagecoach had started using older buses on the route again.

Mrs Green said: “The newer buses were a lot better - and a lot warmer.

“Now, we seem to be getting older buses again and they aren’t as good. Sometimes, the windows are left open - in this weather! That doesn’t help. It’s right the drivers are lovely but the buses aren’t always on time.”

Mark Jackson (19) said his biggest issue was ‘sky high’ fares.