18 inches is verging on the ridiculous in Spa

Woodhall Spa.
Woodhall Spa.

Parish councillors in Woodhall Spa have been told they can erect bollards to protect damaged grass verges in their village - but they must be at least 18 inches from the side of the road.

The verges have been a feature of the picturesque village for many years.

However, there are claims many of the verges been ruined by indiscriminate parking.

Local councillors, residents and business owners say some of the verges ‘resemble the Somme’.

Parish councillors have been campaigning for some form of protection.

Now, ward County Councillor Patricia Bradwell has confirmed bollards can be erected .

Speaking at last Tuesday’s parish council meeting, she said Highways officials were insisting any bollards must be 18 inches from the road.

She also suggested councillors should consult with residents first.

Coun Bradwell, who is deputy leader of the County Council, said: “Highways are happy with you doing it, but they felt it would be best if you spoke to the people living near the verges.”

Coun Rich Sanderson questioned why Highways were insisting on the 18 inch gap.

He said: “Drivers are simply going to park in that 18 inches and we will be back to square one.”

Coun Sanderson said any bollards would probably be plastic - reducing any risk of damage to vehicles.

He said the bollards needed to be at the roadside and was supported by several other councillors.

However, Coun Bradwell said Highways had told her 18 inches was a ‘statutory guideline’.

She added that if the parish council felt bollards were unsuitable, perhaps it was time to look at introducing yellow lines.

She confirmed contractors working on new homes off Monument Road had promised to repair a damaged verge.