Witham and District Ladies Club

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-160417-201504001

Witham and District Ladies Club had a thought-provoking and amusing talk by Clive Kingswood on ‘How the Police Force Used To Be’.

He joined the police force in Leeds in 1963, and showed examples of his kit from that time; his helmet even saved his head from injury when he went to intervene in a club fight.

At one time, he rode a ‘Noddy bike’ and wore a Gannex raincoat.

Although personally not involved in the Yorkshire Ripper case, he did reveal that the amount of paperwork involved was so copious its weight was damaging the floors at Millgarth Police Station and all had to be taken downstairs.

Mr Kingswood joined the CID, and has also worked in Hong Kong and Poland on anti-corruption cases.

After 36 years in the force, Clive became a magistrate, and even now is concerned with helping the prisoners at Boston’s North Sea Camp.

The next meeting will be at Abbey Lodge on April 27 at 3pm.