Why they are the happiest slingers in town!

Horncastle Sling Library
Horncastle Sling Library

Horncastle’s very own Sling Library is going from strength to strength.

In six months, membership has topped the 50-mark - much to the delight of organisers.

The original Sling Library was started by Victoria Percival two years ago in Lincoln.

The idea behind the organisation is to help support and advise parents who are interested in carrying their babies in a comfortable ergonomic carrier.

People may choose to carry their babies for a variety of reasons.

They include medical reasons like reflux and practical reasons like dog walking or the unsuitability of pushchairs.

Many parents use slings because they like to be to be close to their baby.

Research shows that babies who are carried are reported to cry up to 54% less in the evening.

There is a wide choice of slings and carriers available from wraps, ring slings, ‘mei tais’ to more structured buckles.

The choice can be overwhelming, but the library offers parents the chance to try and hire a variety of carriers so they can see what works for them, as well as a place to chat.

The Horncastle group meets monthly at Wellies Nursery who provide a room free of charge. It provides a great space for the babies and children to play.

If anyone would like any further details, email Hannah_L_Stones@hotmail.com or find us on Facebook at ‘Horncastle Slingers’ and ‘Lincoln Sling Library’.