West Ashby WI

WI News EMN-170227-152926001
WI News EMN-170227-152926001

At the February meeting, president Pam Browne announced the death of a former member, Pat Barker.

Speaker was Chrissie Chapman on Emily Sellwood, the wife of Alfred Lord Tennyson.

They had an on-off relationship for many years and after two proposals, they finally married in 1850 and produced two sons.

Tennyson was Poet Laureate for 42 years.

The competition for the most interesting tea towel was won by Christine Bacon.

Members were thanked for responding to the recent questionnaire and, following one suggestion of more outings, a trip to the Centre for Energy from Waste in Lincoln has been arranged for May 24.

Members were asked to decide whether the present arrangement of having a non-meeting in January would continue or to change it to April.

The Waring Group meeting is on April 14 and will feature a talk entitled Romance in the Raj.

The competition will be for a poem on romance.