West Ashby WI

WI News EMN-161024-061921001
WI News EMN-161024-061921001

President Pam Browne welcomed members and several visitors to the October meeting.

The speakers were Jane and Dave Norman, who gave a talk entitled ‘Flowers from your garden’.

Jane, who is a very accomplished flower arranger, demonstrated the craft, making three beautiful specimens which she presented as raffle prizes.

While she was performing, Dave gave an illustrated description and history of the flowers she was using, most of which were taken from their garden and local hedgerows.

Invitations were given out for the Christmas party on December 8 and the afternoon tea at the Magpie on January 19.

On December 7, there is a drop-in day at WI House. West Ashby will be having a stall as part of its fundraising initiative and any small craft items made by members for sale on the day will be very welcome.

The competition next month will be for a limerick.