The incredible Henry Winn

Henry Winn 1816 - 1914 EMN-150915-082114001
Henry Winn 1816 - 1914 EMN-150915-082114001

Horncastle and its surrounding villages have been home to more than a few noteworthy people - Joseph Banks, Edward Harrison and Henry Lunn to name just a few.

To this list of remarkable people must surely be added that of the Fulletby historian and writer Henry Winn who is to be the subject of a talk to be given to the Horncastle History and Heritage Society (formerly Civic Society) in the Rodney Hotel at 7.30pm on Wednesday September 16.

Henry Winn was born at Fulletby in 1816 and lived his entire life in the village, where he ran the village grocery and drapery shop.

At the age of 14, he was appointed to the position of Parish Clerk and continued to serve in that role until 1910.

He accepted many other responsibilities within the community too, including Sunday School Teacher, Churchwarden, Parish Constable, Overseer of the Poor and Temperance advocater.

He established a library in the village and donated a selection of books from his own collection.

He was a committee member of the Tetford Sick Club and ran a Savings Club in Fulletby.

He also took an active role in the establishment of the National School which opened in 1850.

By the time he died in 1914 at the age of 98 he left one of the most complete records of village life during the Victorian era and up to the start of WWl.

Many years after his death he was recognised by the Guiness Book of Records as the longest serving parish clerk.

The meeting is open to everyone who would like hear more not only of this local sage but also of every aspect of village life during a period of great change.