Star Stixwould rider comes fourth in World competition

Lucy Barclay
Lucy Barclay

Stixwould Para-carriage driver Lucy Barclay finished a fantastic fourth in the World Championships held at Sandringham House.

Lucy’s preparations were fraught with problems after she was involved in a road accident earlier this year whilst training.

Despite the set back, Lucy was determined to compete at the championships and brought her horse Golly Gosh out of retirement.

Her competition started well with a solid dressage test scoring 47.2 putting her in seventh place.

Lucy and Golly put in a storming marathon round on the second day to move up to fourth place and Lucy held that position during a tense cones phase.

“I’m completely thrilled,” Lucy said. “I never expected to do that well.

“Golly was absolutely fantastic, she gave me absolutely everything.

“We did the best dressage we have ever done and she had a fantastic marathon.”

Lucy was aided by grooms Rebecca Arnold and Susie Day - grooms are important parts of the team as they support their riders by standing on the back of their carriages.

“Both of them were fantastic. I couldn’t have done it without them.”