Spa WI takes to the dance floor

Spa Afternoon WI EMN-171201-090316001
Spa Afternoon WI EMN-171201-090316001

Spa Afternoon WI began the year with a fun meeting, when dance tutor Michelle Cooper led many of the 32 members and eight visitors in various iconic dances of the twentieth century. She started with the legendary Palais Glide from the late 1930s into 1940s, which was not as easy as some remembered.

It was then onto a jive from the 1940s and 1950s, that suited many, followed by a short sit down intermission for everyone to attempt a hand-jive.

The swinging 1960s led to the twist, which many of the group were able to perform, albeit with limited ‘round and round and up and down’.

The afternoon concluded with a touch of Night Fever and Michelle was thanked for helping everyone relive some dance memories.