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The WI Inspiring Women EMN-171023-181415001
The WI Inspiring Women EMN-171023-181415001

March was the annual meeting, when reports were given on activities over the past 12 months.

Janice Withers was re-elected as president and three new committee members were also voted in.

Both the secretary and treasurer were standing down from their roles, along with some other long-standing committee members.

The current difficulties being experienced with the Waring Group were explained, but it was generally decided the ladies wanted it to continue.

Janice reported on the recent Federation meeting in Skegness, where one of the speakers was Claire Pillinger from Anglian water, following on from the WI resolution on ‘plastic soup’.

Janice had done her own experiment to demonstrate how supposedly flushable wipes are clogging up our sewage system causing damage to sea-life.

This involved placing a wipe in a jar of water at least a week ago and showing they do not degenerate as you might think. The little that does ‘dissolve’ just adds to the problem, particularly harming sea-life.

She had also burnt a wipe and discovered they are highly flammable - all surprising stuff.

Janice also mentioned the Federation chairman, Chris Morgan, had covered criticism in the national press regarding assets of closing WIs.

The ‘underwear for women’ appeal - to support the women’s refuge - was launched at the meeting and a request for all WIs to make a Christmas tree decoration for the Horncastle Christmas Tree Festival was made too.

The next meeting will be the Silver Jubilee Lunch on April 11 at The Abbey Lodge, when members are being encouraged to wear something silver.