Help needed to trace long lost town relatives

Clement or Cyril White is pictured leaning over in this photo from 1928 EMN-150415-133435001
Clement or Cyril White is pictured leaning over in this photo from 1928 EMN-150415-133435001

One man is on a mission to trace his family history and is once again calling on Horncastle News readers to help him.

In 2012 Jack Thorpe, now living in France, contacted the Horncastle News and with the help of our readers was able to trace his relative Alfred White, who was born in the Horncastle area.

Now he is after information about Mr White’s son.

Mr Thorpe’s grandmother, Annie Elizabeth Thorpe, lived with Alfred White at 52 Edward Street in Grimsby and a week after our original article, Alfred’s granddaughter June Smith, from near Horncastle, got it touch.

June was also been introduced to a second cousin, once removed - who also lives locally - as a result of Jack’s search.

He found Alfred had a son, Clement, who lived with him and Jack’s grandmother after the death of his first wife.

Jack said: “Even if Alfred was not married to my grandmother; he helped bring up my father.”

Ever since Jack has been keen to find out further information regarding Clement, but has been unable to find any record of him after 1914.

He has always presumed therefore he was killed in the First World War.

That is until recently.

Mr Thorpe said: “I want to find Mr White’s son called Clement White, I have done much research and so on and found it impossible to find him, until Alfred’s will arrived about a month ago.

“Reading this will I can see that Clement White changed his name to Cyril Patterson, so this is the reason I am writing to you: question, why did Clement change his name? Where is he now? He must be dead but I would like to find his family, if he got married and had children and grandchildren and so on, or nephews?

“Perhaps he was brought up in Grimsby and came back in Horncastle where all his family was?

“Perhaps did he take his mother’s name? There are many questions?”

Mr Thorpe believes this photo from 1928 shows Clement/Cyril standing bent over in the centre. Mr Thorpe’s father is the young boy sitting in the front row, so the pair must have known each other.

Anyone able to help Jack trace his family history, in particular Clement/Cyril White can contact him on 0320 353775 or 3688739030 or email

Alternatively write to 6 Rue Des Armees, 59193 Erquinghem-Lys. France.