Bardney WI

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At the annual meeting of Bardney WI, the committee and president were elected.

Audrey Saul, who has been a committee member for many years and president for the last three years, decided to have a well-earned break from both roles.

Audrey has worked very hard in both positions and thanks were given to her for all she has done in this time.

Marilyn Hutchinson was appointed president.

Members have booked several outings over the next few months.

At the end of the meeting, members were happy to chat and enjoy a selection of puddings provided by the committee.

As always, the WI welcomes visitors to attend meetings twice free of charge to see if they would like to join the group.

The next meeting is in the Methodist Hall in Church Lane on Tuesday, April 5, at the new time of 7.15pm.

The speaker’s subject will be A Pawnbroker’s life.