Bardney Group seeks info on historic cop death

General News.
General News.

After being contacted by an ex-policeman who has plans to build a memorial dedicated to policemen who have been killed in the line of duty, the Bardney Heritage Group is appealing for any information relating to a riot which took place 200 years ago.

The News was contacted by David Letts of the Heritage Group regarding the death of an unnamed Horncastle Village Constable following a riot in the village.

David said: “The riot took place in 1812 and it was caused by around 900 ‘navvies’ who were working in Bardney to straighten the River Witham.”

The term navvy refers to manual labourers working on major civil engineering projects.

According to Lincolnshire County Council’s website the riot started when a number of ‘irate navvies went on a drunken brawl in the village’.

David said this was as a result of the local baker raising the price of his bread.

Thirteen constables were despatched from Horncastle and upon returning one of them died from his wounds.

The group are appealing for any information from local residents. If you have any information call David on 01526 398715.