Angels descend on Horncastle church

Church News
Church News

A huge celebration is planned at St Mary’s as it unveils its newest choir - six angels.

Over the last few months the organisers of the Christmas Tree Festival have been asking the townsfolk to join in the challenge to create A host of Angels featuring 1000 hand-crafted feathers on their wings and they have done it!

“The response has been enormous,” said Festival Organiser, Lynn Urbanowicz.

“Feathers have been created from the youngest in the town to our eldest residents. In fact about 1 in 8 of our residents have contributed. That is simply fantastic!”.

The six angels will be suspended within the nave of the church and will accompany more than 50 Christmas trees during this coming weekend.

The Festival will be open from 10am on Saturday and noon on Sunday.

Due to requests to open longer, the festival will also be open next week, December 5 to 8, from 11am to 3pm too.