Martin Dales company has installed a life-saving device

Mark Robertson pictured with the defibrillator unit. EMN-171130-093637001
Mark Robertson pictured with the defibrillator unit. EMN-171130-093637001

A construction company based in Martin Dales has installed a life-saving device with help from a Lincolnshire charity.

Taylor Pearson Construction have purchased a community public access defibrillator, commonly known as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and secured it to the exterior wall of their office in Martin Dales.

In addition to its striking all-weather cabinet, the defibrillator is located in a well-lit area of the building to be visible from the busy main road near the office.

The defibrillator was purchased from Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service (LIVES), the Lincolnshire charity that responds to 21,000 medical emergencies each year.

By purchasing through LIVES, Taylor Pearson is directly supporting the work of the charity as well as making life-saving equipment available to the local community.

Staff at Taylor Pearson Construction receive training from LIVES so that they can be confident in delivering basic life support and use the defibrillator should an emergency occur.

Managing director Mark Robertson said “There is currently no AED located in Martin Dales so it really is a vital piece of equipment that both our staff and local residents can use in emergency situations.

“As a major employer in the area, we felt as though we had a responsibility to provide essential life-saving equipment to service the local community.

“It’s great that more people are becoming aware of their importance in the community that the quick use of an AED can make the difference between life and death.

“Luckily we have never experienced any life-threatening incidents in the past 43 years we have been here but it would be fantastic if more lives were saved because of our AED.”

The company invites members of the local community to their offices to take a closer look at the equipment and ask any questions they may have.