Primary school issues appeal to support pupil with nut allergy

Horncastle Primary School. EMN-170111-143052001
Horncastle Primary School. EMN-170111-143052001

Parents and visitors have been urged to support a pupil at Horncastle Primary School who has a ‘very severe allergy’ to nuts.

In a message to parents, headteacher Steve Bladon says it is ‘imperative’ that we become a ‘nut-free’ zone, with immediate effect.

Mr Bladon says: “This is because there is a risk that the pupil could be affected by cross-contamination (eg: traces of nut oil on door handles or table tops) and airborne contamination, both of which could cause him to suffer anaphylaxis.

“Although we can manage the foods which are served at lunchtimes - and those which are sometimes used in teaching activities - we will require the support of all parents in fully implementing this policy.

“If your child brings a packed lunch to school, please ensure the food you provide complies with this safety policy.

“Please be mindful of sandwich fillings (chocolate spread, peanut butter, etc) which can no longer be consumed in school, as well as other products, such as cereal bars.”

In his weekly newsletter, Mr Bladon goes on to remind parents that pupils should only be bringing in fruit or vegetables to eat at breaktimes.

He adds: “This is an agreed condition of our ‘Healthy School’ status.

“No other snacks should be brought into school, unless there is a medical or dietary need.”

Mr Bladon has also appealed to parents to ‘park considerately’ adding: “I am aware of much frustration caused parking.

“We are a big school on a small lane. All I ask is people park considerately, especially near residents’ driveways.”