Lincolnshire schools show continued success at GCSE

Joseph Bramley, Reece Hollis, Alex Hollis (twins), Jordan Connolly EMN-170825-074831001
Joseph Bramley, Reece Hollis, Alex Hollis (twins), Jordan Connolly EMN-170825-074831001

GCSE results across Lincolnshire show continued success this year including a good response to the new English and maths measure.

Figures released today by Lincolnshire schools, including academies, indicate that the percentage of pupils attaining good grades (Grade 4 or more) in English and maths remains broadly similar to last year.

Nearly half of students have achieved the new “Grade 5 or more” threshold in English and maths. Due to the reforms it is not possible to compare 2017 results directly with 2016.

An impressive 23 schools so far have achieved more than 60% in the new Grade 4 or more in English and maths measure and 19 out of the 45 schools show an improvement compared to 2016.

So far 16 schools have shown improvement on last year for the English Baccalaureate, the measure which supports as many students as possible to achieve A*-C grades in a broad range of academic subjects. Five schools have improved by over 5% points on last year.

Councillor Mrs Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children’s Services, said: “Against the backdrop of a difficult year in the transition to graded numbers in English and maths, this year’s results are looking very positive. In particular, the number of students securing passes in the more challenging GCSEs for English and maths is a significant achievement.

“Despite the changes to GCSEs, pupils have risen to the challenge and deserve every credit for achieving these results. Remember, if you haven’t got the results you need, don’t panic, speak to your school teachers and they will help support your way forward.”

The new scoring system explained:

This system has been introduced for English literature, English language and mathematics. The new scoring system grades student’s results on a 1-9 scale, with 9 being the best grade. This system aims to allow for more differentiation between student’s results with 4 being a standard pass and 5 a stronger pass. Similarly, an 8 or 9 score is the equivalent to an A*, but the new system provides distinction between students who would achieve a lower A* to those achieving a higher A*. This provides 4-9 as being comparable to A*-C. Additionally, the new English and maths GCSEs implemented this year are more rigorous with one final exam at the end of Year 11, rather than spread across the two years.

The grading system has only been rolled out with English and maths for the 2017 results. In 2018, another 20 subjects will be graded at levels 1-9 with the aim that by 2019 a majority of subjects will be under this new system.